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Born in 1958, in Uganda, East Africa, Rev. John Katende entered ministry at the age of 17 in an underground church (time during which Idi Amin had banned Christian worship in Uganda). John quickly climbed ladders of leadership in this underground church - from choir director to deacon, and then elder. Testimony When the persecution of Christians intensified, John, together with some other Christians fled to Kenya where he stayed until the fall of Idi Amin. Before going to exile in Kenya, John narrowly escaped death at the hands of Amin’s soldiers. One night, he was walking to church with his pastor when Amin's soldiers picked them up and took them into solitary confinement - a place where Amin's soldiers used to torture and kill people. At that place, the soldiers told the two to get rid of whatever was in their possession and start running.

John and his pastor emptied their pockets of the little money they had and did exactly what the soldiers told them to do. As they ran, they were only waiting for the sound of bullets fearing that they would be shot in their backs. The shots never came and John testifies that it was indeed the hand of God that stopped the bullets from coming to them. Many people lost their lives that way.

Evangelist After the fall of the Amin's regime, Rev. Katende returned to Uganda and joined hands with other ministers in rebuilding the spiritual fiber of Uganda. In 1981 he got married to Robinah and the Lord sent them to Mbale, a town found in Eastern Uganda, to preach the Good News. They stayed there for eight years. After mentoring a pastor and putting elders in place, John and Robinah moved on to evangelism and discipleship. God has enlarged the church John planted and as we speak, more that twenty five congregations have been started. Ministry In 1992, the Lord opened up a way for John and Robinah to come to the US for more education in ministry. They attended Reformed Bible College, Grace Bible College, and Calvin College and Seminary all of which are in Grand Rapids Michigan. In 1999, John and Robinah moved to Boston Massachusetts where the Lord led them to start the Global Evangelical Church in 2001. John is currently serving as the founding Pastor of the church and President of the Global Evangelical Ministries based in Massachusetts, the United States of America.

AIDS Activist John has also worked hard in campaigns against HIV/AIDS and is currently a Board member of the African Community Health Initiative (ACHI). He is also a board member on the Universal Human Rights International (UHRI).

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